Açaï and You, the Açaï bar that takes you away

acai and you

Fancy a brunch that will take you on a journey? In an exotic setting, with a rich, varied and fruity menu? Açaï and You will seduce you with its warm welcome and exclusive recipes, so good you’ll want to try the exclusives at each of its addresses.

It’s worth noting that this restaurant, with 4 addresses, has a 5/5 rating on TripAdvisor, confirming the praise you’ll hear about it.

🌴 Visitors recommend them above all for:

  • their exclusive delights and flavors,
  • excellent service,
  • a satisfying experience,
  • colorful dishes with good nutritional value.

With a rich menu that we’ll detail later, their price range varies from €4 to €24.9, from drinks to full brunch packages. Delicious and excellent!


This divine brunch welcomes you, on the terrace, on the spot, or to take away, at the following addresses:

📍6ème arrondissement :47 rue Dauphine (on site, takeaway and delivery)

📍9ème arrondissement: 78 rue de Maubeuge (on-site, takeaway and delivery)

📍11ème arrondissement: 28 rue Saint Ambroise ( takeaway, delivery and terrace)

📍14ème arrondissement :11 rue Lalande ( takeaway, delivery)

Açaï and You menu

Açaï and You is the address par excellence for a colorful, fresh and vitamin-packed menu. AÇAÏ & YOU, Brunch, Bowl & Coffee, offers a rich and varied menu, from Açaï bowls with the most comforting hot drinks, or the most original cold drinks, to gourmet and healthy brunch formulas that are sure to please.

An exceptional brunch based on fresh, natural ingredients, served all day, every day, at Açaï and You.

Brunch formulas €16.5 – €25

  • ACAI MOOD menu: This menu is served exclusively on weekdays, and includes a savory dish of your choice, the detox water of the day and a small-sized Açaï bowl. The latter has a creamy acai base, with banana to balance the taste, then a delicious creamy layer of homemade peanut butter (no added sugar or artificial flavoring. All natural!).
  • ACAIMOOD Brunch: This brunch is served all day, every day. Includes gourmet toast, a small acai bowl, detox water and your choice of tea or coffee.
  • Colorful brunch: The satisfying and gourmet option, beautifully presented. A choice of gourmet toast with a medium-sized acai bowl and a drink. Choice of smoothie, cold or hot drink.

Bowls €8.9 – €14.9

  • Açaï bowls: Açaï bowls are the brand’s signature products. They combine the sweetness of antioxidant-rich acai cream with banana slices, homemade granola for a crunchy touch, carefully prepared peanut butter and a mix of seeds (chia, pumpkin, goji berries).

You can then choose from the following fruits: strawberries, pineapple with grated coconut, raspberries, blueberries or mango.

For supplements, you have a wide choice of granola, peanut butter, grated coconut, coconut or banana chips, etc.

  • Savoury bowls: let’s move on to protein-rich bowls. There’s something for everyone and every diet. Rio bowl vegan protein
    Hawaii bowl vegan
    Hawaii bowl protein
    Samba bowl protein
    And you can choose between Salty Ginger Soy Sauce or Sweety Lime Soy Sauce.

Drinks 2 – 7.4

  • Our smoothies are all homemade, made with fresh, refreshing fruit. Their names let you guess their ingredients.

Just Açaï
Thank you berry much
Lawyer’s avocado
Pinky Blender
Passionate about mango
Super choco protein
Rio vibes
Orange juice

  • Hot drinks: in addition to the classic hot drinks (espresso, American coffee, café latte, cappuccino, etc.), Açaï and You also offers chaï latte, charcoal latté, pea flower latté and damman frères tea.

Bonuses and house specialities

Authenticity is one of the restaurant’s core values, hence its homemade groceries, all prepared with care and love.

  • Banana bread
  • Energy dates
  • Energy balls
  • Peanut butter jar
  • Organic acai pulp
  • Granola

Choosing Açaï and You means choosing a brunch restaurant committed to providing you with dishes based on natural, gourmet products of the highest quality and nutritional value.

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