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Today, we introduce you to Hoxton Paris and its Brunch. This establishment is basically a lifestyle hotel, from Ennismore and Accor for those who don’t know. They offer both accommodations, but also mixology, and catering in their restaurants and bars: Le Rivié, Jacque’s Bar, and Planche. 

Decoration of the Hoxton Paris

But before talking about food, let’s talk about history and decoration. The Hoxton Paris is located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Installed in a sumptuous mansion of the XVIIIth century, the Hoxton is today classified with the Monuments and History. 

When you enter, you are impressed by the volumes and the space. The hotel is distinguished by an original staircase which gives it a luxurious aspect and a certain cachet. The glass roof and the winter garden allow you to have a drink or a meal in any season without worrying about the rain or the wind.

Cozy and at the same time majestic, it is the trendy corner that attracts Parisians and tourists. It has been designed as a place to live for everyone. In addition to sleeping or eating there, you can take yoga classes, attend an exhibition or a workshop, etc.

Restaurant Le Rivié 

The establishment contains a Brasserie “Le Rivié” which offers both a French and Asian menu. Open all day, it is on the first floor of the Hoxton and you can sip cocktails or eat in a pleasant setting.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can have brunch at Rivié from 12 pm to 4 pm. The brunch menu is complete and offers the classics we all love and the restaurant’s specialties. We will find smoothies (vegan) at 8€, and pastries between 3€ and 6€. Toasts are offered with farm eggs 8€, avocado toasts 14€, Riviés Benny 15€ (which are muffins with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce) or the Hox Summer Toast which is made with sweet potato and halloumi 15€.

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The salty brunch 

Fans of savory brunch will be delighted at Rivié. Meat and non-meat options are available to suit everyone’s diet. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for a brunch that’s more lunch than brunch. 

For the savory brunch, you have the choice between :

The hox Cheeseburger 20€

Beyond meat veggie burger which is a veggie steak 18€.

The Hox Mister Truffle made with Paris ham, truffle béchamel and emmental cheese 22€.

All these meals are accompanied by fries and salad.

As a side dish, you can ask for potato French fries, sweet potato French fries, truffle French fries or a Spicy mizuna salad made with radishes and cucumbers.

The sweet brunch

For sweet brunch lovers, no need to panic, Rivié also offers delicious options to satisfy your glucose cravings. You will be able to eat : 

A Dirty French Toast with banana and bacon with whipped cream sauce and irresistible maple syrup 13€

A Seasonal Granola with seasonal fruits as the name suggests, a lychee yogurt, and granola 10€.

The fluffy blueberry pancakes if you have a sudden craving for red fruits and whipped cream 13€.

The mango chia with coconut milk, fresh mango, and toasted coconut is 9€.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a charcuterie board and a glass of good wine in a casual setting, Hoxton’s Planche bar welcomes you into its courtyard to taste its live and organic wines. 

The new 2023 menu of The Hoxton Paris – Rivié Restaurant

Brunch Hoxton Paris 2023

I had the occasion to go once again to The Hoxton for a brunch with my friend this summer. We were handed the new Menu for Le Rivié Restaurant since they have an all day service.

The brunch options at The Hoxton

We picked the Hoxton Brunch option, which is basically any dish from the “Plates” section on the menu, with a hot drink and a juice.

I picked the Rivié’s Benny which are almost Eggs Benedict, but the Hoxton way (thus the name). The base was a muffin that had a donut like texture. On top, salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The usual. I honestly could not finish the buns, I found the hollandaise sauce too heavy. The mix salmon + two poached eggs + astronomical quantity of hollandaise sauce was simply too much. I wish they had put some salad on the side of the plate like other restaurants do to lessen the intensity of the dish

My friend picked the same menu, but instead she took the avocado toast : Smashed avocado, poached eggs, coriander, sesame, Espelette pepper. My friend loved the avocado toast.

Drinks at the Rivié

We got a latte and an oat milk matcha and two pineapple juices. The latte and matcha were very good, nothing crazy, but they did the job. The pineapple juice on the other hand was great, it tasted fresh, and we felt it was homemade and not some industrial drink.

Brunch Hoxton Paris 2023

My overall opinion

Now that I have had Brunch at the Hoxton several times , I think that there are hit or miss dished on the menu and one should be careful what they pick. I think the Hotel is nice to do some work from home in a fancy environment, yet the music is extremely loud at all times of the day. From 10 am to 6 PM. It’s quite surprising knowing that there are rooms with people sleeping in them just above the restaurant, so yes, bring your noise-cancelling earphones if you plan to work.

Other than that, the staff is very friendly, everything is clean, and it’s a place I feel very comfortable at for a drink with my friends.

Address : 

The Hoxton, Paris

30-32 rue du Sentier

75002, Paris

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