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Romantic, festive, trendy, Le Marais seduces with its cobblestone streets, historic sites and small shops. Merci is located in the center of Paris, in the Marais, a village-like district built on former marshes, from which the neighborhood takes its name. Popular with strollers and Parisians alike, it invites you to relax and shop!

111 boulevard Beaumarchais, in the 3rd arrondissement. Between République and Bastille, but closer to République than Bastille, Merci has awakened the upper Marais. At first glance, it’s a normal address in a normal neighborhood where people are used to passing through, unaware of the beauty of the architecture and the characteristic pre-Haussmann style. At first glance, that is. Once past the cobbled courtyard, with its climbing rose bushes and customized Fiat 500, the 1,200 square metre showroom, with its six to ten metre high ceilings and oversized workshop windows, clearly reveals the unique spirit of the place. We’re at Merci, the solidarity concept store.

Merci Paris

Merci was created in 2009. At the time, it was one of the first concept stores in Paris to promote fair trade. It was the committed couple Marie-France and Bernard Cohen who launched the project. They had imagined a large fashion and home decoration bazaar, with part of the profits from sales going to associations for the protection of women and children in Madagascar.

Set up in an inner courtyard, Merci has established itself as a place to live. Today, the beautiful addresses have flourished and people of all ages come to eat, discover designers and objects, and shop at Merci.

Merci Paris


Merci is more than a concept store, it’s a destination store. It’s a destination store, a place where you decide to go for its unique atmosphere. An eclectic place where you can discover new shapes and creations. Merci covers all aesthetic ground and inspires you with designers’ concepts!

The red Fiat 500 parked in the courtyard is one of Merci’s strong and iconic symbols. It is decorated and customized according to the season. There’s also a canteen in the basement, serving fresh produce from the garden. As well as the two cafés, one of which is dedicated to cinema, with looped silent screenings. If you like second-hand books, you should visit the second café, where you can discover books and read while drinking coffee on the terrace in summer.

Merci Paris

The store is housed in a 19th-century building formerly occupied by a furniture and wallpaper company. The building also houses Livre d’occasion and Ciné Café. From the first floor to the second floor, where you’ll find furniture and lighting, as well as stationery, bath and household linen and fashion, you’ll feel almost at home. Some of the spaces are impressive, such as the entrance dome, the main exhibition space, flooded with light from its large glass roof. And, of course, the paved courtyard and its famous red Fiat 500.


Inspiration from Merci Paris

Fashion, home or restaurant, Merci is a curator who reveals objects in the mix.
It is home to a host of fashionable designers and brands, including Bon Parfumeur, KN Industrie, Adidas, Taschen, Bose, IZIPIZI and Isabelle Marrant.
Its uniqueness and beauty lie in the combination and opposition of vintage and contemporary, artisanal and industrial, or expensive and less expensive. And this is particularly evident on Merci’s three floors. Furniture, linens, fashion, restoration, objets d’usage and art de vivre are skilfully combined. Their prices too, since here, the wise and the exceptional rub shoulders.

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