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Afendi restaurant – All-you-can-eat Lebanese brunch in Paris

We take you on a journey to Lebanon over a delicious brunch at Afendi. Discover this all-you-can-eat Lebanese brunch in the 10ᵉ arrondissement of Paris to savour dishes for which the recipes have been passed down from father to son.

The history behind Afendi restaurant

Afendi is first and foremost a beautiful family story that has travelled the continents before settling permanently in Paris. It all began in Dakar in 1950 when Farroukh opened his first restaurant called Adonis at that time. The self-taught man would introduce the dishes of his native country. His son, Fadel Farroukh, made his debut there before leaving Dakar for Paris in 1999. Father and son then joined forces to launch Afendi and introduce the Lebanese generous and delicious street food.


All-you-can-eat brunch

Because sometimes a simple brunch formula is not enough and you want more, especially when it is delicious and original. Afendi has chosen to offer a generous all-you-can-eat brunch for customers on Sundays. You can eat the most popular Lebanese specialities. Hot or cold mezzes await you, flavoured with spices and aromatic herbs. Then, you can enjoy a typical Lebanese dish, whether you are vegetarian or flexitarian, the restaurant’s dishes will suit you without any problem thanks to the options they offer.

Finally, it’s time to enjoy dessert. Lebanese ashta ice cream, orange blossom milk flans or sweets such as baklawa and kunefe are offered to end on a sweet note.

All-you-can-eat brunch buffet

Indulge in the mezzes and try a bit of everything: from baba ganoush to grilled halloumi with mint and garlic, not forgetting the tomato tartar or the famous cracked wheat and the little makanek (mini beef and lamb sausages)… everything is so tasty that we would not hesitate to come back !

Afendi’s all-you-can-eat Lebanese brunch is €34, open every Sunday from 11am to 3pm


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84, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis — 10e

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